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Buy what appreciates, Lease what depreciates

Buy What Appreciated, Lease What Depreciates

DegDi understand that your business needs to be secure.  Protecting your employees, equipment, and stock should take a high priority. We also understand it can be very easy to keep delaying the purchase of this protection by prioritising other expenditure. Obtaining the best CCTV system does not have to damage your cash flow. With DegDi CCTV Leasing package allows you to spread the cost between 1 and 6 years which means your business can budget accurately.

It is also 100% tax allowable and with flexible upgrade options throughout the term of the contract your CCTV system can grow with your business. In addition the suppliers’ maintenance payments can also be included in your monthly or quarterly payments ensuring complete peace of mind. So, whether you’re a new SME, or a large multi-site operation, DegDi will find the best leasing option for you.